MAP Group provides an array of supply trading and   freight   services for   all types  of  Industries   
in the country. We are therefore one of the best company’s to assist in fulfilling    all   the  clients   
needs including setting out the payment terms, matching  your   budget   price,  Quality   control  
(QC)  and   compliance  with  customs  and  export requirements, etc.

- The MMI Trading Division services include the following:
- Searching and sorting the Equipment to the specification
- Procurement
- Completing all relevant paperwork
- Quality  checks  on  the Equipment
- Customs Clearance
- Delivery services
- Negotiating with the supplier to secure the best price & the best quality equipment
- Provide  a  specialized  service   for Pharmaceutical ,  Oil  &  Gas  company & Industries

We work with all the leading suppliers & manufactures  across Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe
and USA.

We  have  all  the  tools  to  provide you with  a quality service by our dedicated team.

With our experiences in dealing with international Trading Business, rest  assured   that   we could
give the clients  & customers the best  service  from  our   professional   staff  / employee. Our aim
in the business is to serve all  your  needs  and  provide  full satisfaction for the customer.
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International Trading Consultant & General Supply Division Group
* Organization and verification
* Investments planning
* Job planning
* Economic conditions and strategies

To  organize  contacts  between   customers  and   producers in order to verify the correspondence
between supply and demand,  intermediating agreements and contracts on the best strategies and
the best economic conditions to choose.

To  sign  orders  following  established  plans  and  accurate  strategic choices, thanks to a careful
planning of the investments and a close rationalization of the job resource.
To manage
* Orders management
* Documents management
* Shipping management
* Payments management

To  manage  the  production  and sampling orders during every phase: transmission, confirmation,
shipment and payment.

To  transmit  the  order  to  the  supplier,  instructing  it  on  the  corrected  emission  of  the  order
confirmation  document;  to  inform  the  customer about eventual cancellations, modifications or
delays of delivery; to converge the deliveries of several  suppliers programming and organizing the
greater  cumulative  shipment  number,  therefore  to   reduce   the   shipping  costs  remarkably to
intermediate  the orders payments centralizing and managing  directly the credits sources with the
last aim  to  simplify  of the complicated procedures reducing  bank charges considerably, leading
profit to customer and supplier.
* Quality / Price Analysis
* Attendance to the purchases
* Work-related trips support
* Visit to sectorial fairs

To  acquire  the  best  offers  to  the  best market conditions, through a careful analysis of Quality /
Price  product  relationship.  Assistance  and  to supervision during purchasing phases offering the
maximum  support  in  placing  side  by  side   the  customers  during  the  work - related  trips.  To
participate to manifestations and fairs of field in Indonesia and foreign countries.
* Control production processes
* Observance of terms and conditions
* Quality control
* Contract check

Continuous  and  articulated  production  processes  monitoring,  interfacing  the parts day by day,
satisfying  with  the  maximum  professional  and efficiency each specified request, respecting the
economic conditions and of delivery established between parts.

To  control the qualitative  standard  of  the  goods  in  compliance  with customer order. To make
sure that  eventual  contracts  in  being are respect  from both parts and eventually re discussed in
trade dispute.
* Administrative / accountant consulting
* Customs documents consulting
* Commercial consulting
* Management consulting

Account,  administrative  and  customs  documents consulting, demanded by Foreign Countries as
CITIES or Certificate of Origin.

Commercial  consulting  to  all  national  manufacturers  who  looking for productive or distributive
partners.  Management  and  direction  consulting  in  order  to  optimize the processes of business
programming and control.
* Market analysis
* Market research
* Business feasibility analysis

To  characterize  the  more  suitable  Suppliers  and Products through a careful analysis of market
looking for new Collections and Brands in phase of development.

Case studies for new business opportunities of those already existing.

We  understand  and  recognize with precision what the customer asks in order to find and spotting
what the market offers.
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