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PT Muara Adhi Prawira

We strive to provide the best service to our customers whether it be a big job or small
Best Services

Our Service will always provide the best service to you to commited, on time delivery of your goods until to destination is our goal.

Our Appreciation

We strive to always improve for the better management of the past moving towards a more professional both for management within and outside the field in a way always gives guidance to all staff of the company to always act carefully when doing any work for both small and large business to always respect every job gained.

Our Goal

We tried to get the trust from you after using our services so we hope the future will use our services again for your convenience in our service that has been given to you, hope this can be achieved if we strive to provide the best to you all and without your satisfaction we can not do anything.

Your Benefits

You will get double benefit from us, you first will get the best price from us than the price of other competitors and secondly we will never reduce at all packing materials for our goods and services still promote professional quality to international standards.

Best Service

Communication between the customer relationship with our company very well guarded by providing excellent service and very serious for your convenience use our moving services as a whole work that we handle you can find out in detail until your goods are geared t oward safely until there is no damage or lost on the way to your home. 

About Us

MAPMover, has earned a well-deserved reputation as a successful freight forwarder whose activities are managed by experienced, dedicated well trained and highly motivated qualified personnel.

The managing director of MapMover
is high educational background specifically transport and has experience in this business almost 20 years.
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Our services portfolio includes:
- Airfreight export/export
- Sea freight import/export FCL/LCL
- Land transport Road and rail
- Logistic freight management  


We have good relationship with various parties such as shipping liners and airlines to support us, to give best rates and space at the time of booking without any delay.
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- Project cargo management
- Door to door express deliveries
- Customs clearance
- Exhibition Cargo
- Chartering service


Handle Relocation for House and Office
We've managed to handle the transfer of homes to foreign workers who work in oil companies like ExxonMobil see the following testimonials:
Testimonial1, Testimonial2

Handle relocation for heavy equipment mining project.
We have been successfully handle the moving of mining equipment from a variety of difficult terrain with careful

Our Services

International Moving Service

This work includes the packing service of international standard, Pickup the good at your place, shipping transport, export / import clearance and complete delivery service.

Domestic Relocation Service

This works for moving household goods or office in Jakarta and its surrounding region as well as inter-island, our services include packing / blanket depending on the distance. Read More


Sea freight LCL mode (loss Container Load)

This type is used for cargo shipments by sea to general cargo ship that only a few such as the volume of cargo that has only a size 1-10 CBM and did not depart with a full container (FCL), then we will combine with our other cargo so that your costs will be more cheap.

Sea freight FCL mode (Full Container Load)

We also serve to transport Full Container Load (FCL) if you have a lot of cargo for export eg you 15-25 tons of cargo quantity then we will direct the company to book space ship to 20 feet (FCL) and your cargo will not be at the unloading or move, this model is very much safer to risk damage to the goods because in a container box filled with your own goods, containers box model consists of size 20 feet = content 25-30 CBM and 40 feet = content 45-55.

Airfreight Mode for International and Inter-Island transport

This model of business for delivery of goods that require fast time (urgent) because through this cargo plane to transport such as live fish, vegetable, fresh food, animals, etc. The possibilities for your personal goods to be fast but of course the price will be very expensive, if you require the fastest delivery we recommend you use this service for your goods is not too late and get a claim from your customer.

Transport by Truck and Train

You need a truck to transport the goods we also provide this service for both small and large trucks to 25 tons capacity, our truck fleet is ready to help you to transport your goods throughout Indonesia with competitive price, also serves to railway transportation services if you need it.

About Products

Our quality products services offer to you.
Our company is supported by experts who have experience in the field, we conducted comparative study by sending our experts to study at our agents abroad for the experience and expertise in our field.


  1. Household Packing. We use international standard packaging materials to protect your household goods. 
  2. Wooden Crating. Crating using hardwood timber to protect goods if there are fragile or easily broken
  3. Lift Van. We made a big crate called the lift van, whose walls are made of plywood with a wooden stick for strength, lift van is intended to model cargo shipping LCL (Loos Container Load)
  4. Local Moving. Local moving is the moving service of household goods, office and factory for the Jakarta area and between islands, we provide services including re-arrange your goods to the place in accordance with your request.
  5. International Relocation. International Relocation is a moving service of household goods, office and factory for delivery throughout the world, we provide special services for this work including re-arrange your goods to the place in accordance with your request through our agents abroad through our network there.
  6. Hevy Equipment Transport. We are very experienced in the work of heavy equipment transport, we have a lot of moving equipment for mining, manufacturing, contractors equipment both for inter-jakarta, inter-island and international and includes providing break bulk vessel if necessary.
  7. Storage Service. You need to document storage, we also provide these services, we will provide boxes for your document larger box size than the other documents so that you can reduce your costs for document storage in our warehouse and we are doing maintenance and repair of the box where your documents every month.

Our Professional Packers

To start the beginning we always put the fragile and small goods to packing

The reason is so the item is fragile and small items we save first so that is not lost or damaged mixed with packing material in your home or crushed by large objects.
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Hospitality and friendship is the nature of the expert our peoples packer.

We really understand your situation and family will certainly in a state of confused and tired in the affairs of this move we will try to help you to move your business to make you relax.
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Our Clients

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Ruko Griya Alifa Blok D N. 1, Jl. Pulo Ribung, Pekayon Jaya, Bekasi Selatan., Bekasi Kota, Jawa Barat 17148

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