Moving Service

Most of our customers are expatriates who have worked in Indonesia and have completed their work, they work in oil companies, law, manufacturing, consulting services, etc. most of them charge for removal of household items not covered all of the companies in which they work and they are looking for moving companies a cheap and affordable to have the services of international standard. You are very right to contact us will be happy to assist you to be able to provide the best price with the most efficient manner without sacrificing the quality of our services as a mover company to international standards of quality.

We truly understand your needs all matters relating to the planned removal of household goods to the new site, you do not need to worry because we will serve you professionally therefore offers an international standard packing with a low cost may even be close to budget your cost.

We have experienced for over 20 years in handling the job moving without the slightest error can cause harm our loyal customers and will work in accordance with the trust that you may provide us with a sense of high yangi awards to be given to you by way of showing our service excellence in the implementation of the work that you have entrusted to us.
Our service has received very good recommendations in the service of various large companies that already have names such as ExxonMobil, Paiton Energy, British Gas, Asia Drill, Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), etc. So with confidence we will be able to give the best service to you as we give to them.

We already have a network of agents, almost all over the world they are an agent agents that are very professional and committed in carrying out their business in the field of relocation and we have been working under the supervision of international moving associations based in the USA. 

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