Our Business Network

Our business network is very strong both for all affairs in the country and abroad, we are very fast in matters of communication and information to minimize the possibility of errors in every execution of the work so that any problems can quickly no matter how small we handle it professionally.

We've been selecting each of the companies that have worked with our company both in terms of their management, commitments, speed information and communication and their appreciation of the work that we provide to them to be very important work to be handled, without condition above then we are forced to remove them from our association.
Letter of agreement with them we made on the basis of international law so that our cooperation with them very safe for all Parties including those who would use our services without any doubt given all affairs of the move of your household goods to our best management system.

In the event of damage or loss of your goods in transit because we will help you take care of the letter claim to the insurance company until you get a change according to your insured for damage to your goods, please send photos of damaged goods and mail your claim to we go to the insurance company and follow the next news from the insurance.

We will try to provide benefits to you our expectation for the next time you or your friends, your family will contact us again to give another job to us as a sense of satisfaction you have been using the services of our company Believe in us and will always be liable to you for the work you provide to us to be kept and worked to the best as our appreciation to you.

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