Packing Systems

We will packing all the goods that are fragile and small to every room and is put into the box and our box content data in accordance with the contents of each box so as to be easy to unpack it later when both were carried out by our agent or your own with only saw the data list (packing list) you'll easily find the goods you mean.

Once the goods are small and fragile little we finished packing the next schedule of electronic goods will be packed with original box or no we can do this will we protect with packing material that is resistant to impact other objects so as not to damage the quality of international standards packing.

If you have a big jug of us will be packing with almost the same quality of electronic goods as above and all our goods will be added to protect the wooden crate to keep the possibility of human error during unpack the truck on purpose.

For the description of goods such as cabinets, sofas, dining table, etc. we will packing using packing foam sheet and wrapping papers before packing with carton sheet and we form the shape of things to be easy at the time set in into the container and to avoid waste space.

Inside the container will we tie a rope if your goods were not full in one box container that does not move the motion during the trip and we made like a rope net and when full, it still will we build the net for when opening the container door does not fall upon which opened the door container first time and it was very dangerous.

We always put the safety of all the good stuff your cargo and people who will handle it all we have to consider based on our experience over 20 years in the moving business field, until a police escort when the containers leave the house you have prepared for security to the port. 

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