Personality Staff

Our peoples Staff packers get an education on ethics in work, particularly work outside the office, they are hard workers in a state tired although they remain consistent in their work until the job is done well and you feel satisfied with what we already do.

We can work within 24 hours without stopping, if necessary, and we will impose an alternate working people to maintain stamina for the job goes well no accidents in the work, chairman of the leader will regulate how many people that will be required as needed.

Work over night is usually necessary in the affairs of the transfer of the office where they do not want to waste time in the affairs of their offices so that removal requires the moving company that can implement quickly and in accordance with their schedule, our skilled and experienced in these matters.

We also can move the server, office computer, including installation and setup, rack documents, gazebo, piano, billiard table, safety box, replacement machine, and other difficult job transfer, we are happy to be your partner to do the job.

Work on the above requires high precision and accuracy with prudent, if treated roughly will have an impact on the fatal damage, it will be an extra service we provide to you at no extra cost when it agrees with the submission of our prices including extra overtime if necessary.

If there are extra Air Conditioner we can only move and reconnect it does not include the contents of Freon Air Conditioner will be charged to you because we need people who are experts in this field.

In the installation of cabinets, desks, chairs knock down we will provide free services for installation over the existing installation manual, and for local moving when there is minor damage due to scratches in the current job or broken glass, we'll fix it as our responsibility.

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