Message from Managing Director,

MAPGROUP are, first  and foremost, a Freight Forwarding & Moving company listed in Indonesia, with
its  head  office  in Bekasi,  West  Java  near the capital city, Jakarta. MAPGROUP was established in
1989 under the law of Indonesia.

We  are  now  diversifying,  reaching  into  new  markets  and  expanding  our  organization  into  five
principal operating divisions:

* International Freight Forwarder & Movers Services
* Heavy Equipment Transport Services
* International Trading Consultant
* General Industrial Equipment Supplies
* Water Management System Supplies

MAPGROUP provides  an array  of supply, trading and freight services for all  types of industries in the
country.  We are  therefore  one  of  the  best  company's  to  assist  in  full filling all the clients needs
including  setting  out  the  payment  terms,  matching  your  bugged  price, Quality control (QC) and
compliance with customs and export requirements, etc.

On   behalf   of   MAP   we   are   proud   to   welcome   you  to  the  MAPGROUP  corporate  website  We  invite  you  to  explore  our website and learn more about MAP. We hope
you  will  find  everything you need here to understand our business strategy &  achievements. Please
don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team to discuss your specific requirements.

Yours faithfully,
The Managing Director
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