BT-250 BT-400C Cellophane Paper(film) Box-type Tridimensional Packing Machine                        Video

Product Information:

The  machine  is featured with proper structure and advanced techonology, which adopts multifunctional
frequency  inverter, PLC  automatic  program - controlled  feeder and counter , human-machine interface
touch  screen  and  micro  air  pump  to  make  film  fall  off .  The  machine  can  be  used for single box
packaging of large object as well as pile packaging of multi-boxes. The machine is applied to the outside
decoration  of  square - shaped  box  package  in  industries  such  as  medication,  food , daily chemistry,
cosmetics ,  video  products ,  rubbers , IT, etc . Examples  include  first  - aid  kit, chewing  gum ,   health
care products , tea, cubic sugar , condom ,  eraser , mosquito-repellent incense ,cigarette ,tape ,VCD(CD)
disk ,  poker,  transparent   soap,   square - shaped  battery  and  floppy  disk  etc .  It  has  the  functions  of
anti - moisture   and  anti - falsification ,  and  also  adds  value  to  the  product.  It  can  function  well in
connection with cartoning machine and jet coder.
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