This  machine  mount  up forming and sealing of tropical aluminum on the basis of 250 blister packing
machine.  It takes on sealing moistureproof and light-avoiding entance the value of product.It is widely
used  to  pack  all  kind  of  products  in  pharmacy, food, medical  health products, medical apparatus

1. DPB-250(320)L ALU-PVC-ALU (Tripical ALU)Blister Packing Machine                       

Product Information:

1) Adapts  the elements of 250 blister packing machine,machine-tool track type machine basis,ease of
adjusting the mould,precision of location.
2) It adapts body division  mechanism to avoid inconvenicnce of transfer due to the lenght of the body
1.8m by mounting up the forming and sealing assembly.
3) Our   machine   adapts   imported   and   special   made   rubber   lock   mould,   smooth   surface of
forming without  additional lenght of traction,save meterial 2mm each punch at around 2.5%,increase
the benefit.

Main technical parameters:
punch frenquency (times/min)                       10-35
Capacity(strip/h)                                             5400
max shaping areas and depth(mm)                240x110(standard) 240x150(max)
Stroke(mm)                                                     30-120(can be manufactured as user's requirements)
Standard Plate(mm)                                       70X98(can be manufactured as user's requirements)
Air Pressure(kw)                                               1.5
Total power                                                    380V/220V 50Hz 7kw
Packing materinal                                          PVC hard pieces 0.15-0.5x250
PTP aluminum foil(mm)                                 0.02-0.035x250
Dialysis paper(mm)                                         50-100gx250
Moule colling                                                 Tap water or Recyle water
overall dimensinons                                        4250x750x1500(LxWxH)
weight(T)                                                         2.2
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