This  machine  is  suitable  for  sealed  blister  packing  of wide range of specifications of capsule,
tablet,  spritze, ampoule, medical appliances, food,  electron device,  and small hardware device
which is used in pharmacy, Medicine Apparatus, food, electronic, small hardware etc.

1. DPB-250J Cantilevered Automatic Blister Packing Machine                         Video

Product Information:

1) The  aims  to  invent  this  new  type  blister  packing  machine  is  to provide users with a blister
packing  machine  which  is simple  in structure, easy to operate, convenient to maintain and with
high working efficiency.
2) To  achieve  the  above aims,  we  put  forward  three  technical  solutions for this practical new
3) Technical  solution one:  this  cantilevered  blister packing machine have two cabinet rail racks
and  the  cantilever  fixed  on  two  separable  weld  machine  main body.  There  are  one  speed
reducer  one  heat  forming  device  at the left machine rail frame and their place at the machine
can  be  changed  from  left  to  right  on the rail by adjustable handwheel. There are one heating
sealing   device,  one  indentation  device,  one  batch  numbering   printing  device,  one  speed
reducer, one punching device at the right machine rail frame. Mostly, the indentation device and
the  batch  number  printing  device can replace each other and you just need to fix one  of them
because  the  machine  main body is rail racks cantilevered installed and there is nothing blocked
behind it, the operator can easily take out anything dropped behind the rail racked.
4) Technical  solution  two:  the main motor is fixed at the back of the machine. In this case, there
will  be  much  more  space behind the feeding device and long plate parts, thus makes it easy for
machine maintenance, clearance, and examine and repair.
5) Technical  solution  three:  when  you  want  to  change  the mould of the forming device, heat
sealing device, indentation device, batch number printing device,  and the punching device, you
just have to unlock the mould handle and take it out. For it adopts  direct  push-in and handle lock
mould change method, it can ensure convenient mould change and no additional tool is needed.

Main technical parameters:
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