This product,an auto assembly line for packing capsules and tablets,is developed by the company
independently  to cater  for the criteria and requirement for GMP.It is a linkage assembly line.This
sectional  linkage  integrates  the  asscurate  requirements  and  design to itself. It can work linking
with the two machines in the purifying and packing workshops  respecitively,while in the middle of
processing, the  transmissionis  applied.  It  can  meet   the  needs  pharmaceutical  factories. It  is
applicable  to  pack  pharmaceutical all plastic sheets and their like.It can automatically finishing
folding  instructions, forming  paper  box, opening,  packing  the  strips  or  sheets  and  dotting  lot
number  on the packs. It  adopts  main  PLC  screen, photoelectric  monitoring  to  coordinate  the
working  of  each  parts.  In processing, if  there  is  something  wrong with the machine,it can stop
automatically,displaying the trou- bles and solving them automatically.

1. DPB-ZHJ Automatic Blister-Carton Packing Production Line                            

Product Information:

Main technical parameters:
punch frenquency (times/min)                       6-50
Capacity(b/min)                                             60-80
max shaping areas and depth(mm)               240x110x26
Stroke(mm)                                                    20-120(can be manufactured as user's requirements)
Standard Plate(mm)                                      80X57(can be manufactured as user's requirements)
Air Pressure(MPa)                                          0.4-0.6
Total power                                                   380V/220V 50Hz 7kw
Packing materinal weight:                             250-300g/M2
specifications:                                               max.size(130x80x50mm)
PVC hard pieces(mm)                                   0.15-0.5x1300
PTP aluminum foil(mm)                               0.02-0.35x130
Mould cooling                                              Tap water or recyle water
overall dimensinons (mm)                             7000X1000X1700(LXWXH)
weight(T)                                                       2.5
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