It  is  adopted  with  flat  plate  normal pressure to form,blister with honogenous hardness,roll mash
sealing,equipped with dot printed, indentation device, cross punching without waste material,with
high automation,high efficiency etc super function.

1. DPH-250(130)High Speed Blister Packing Machine                                                  

Product Information:

Main technical parameters:

Model                                               DPH250
Punch Frequency(Times/min)           60-160
Capacity (strip/h)                               28800
Maximun depth(mm)                        10
Power(KW)                                         9KW
Package materials(mm)                     PVC 250*0.25 PTT 250x0.02
maximum forming areas(mm)            240x250
Stroke(mm)                                        20-120
Overall dimension(mm)                     2600/900/1780(L/W/H)
Weight(kg)                                         2200
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