It  is  suitable  for automatic packing of loose, non sticky, granular materials in the pharmacy, food
industry,   agricultural   chemical   and   chemical  industry.  For   example:  instant  drink,  pellet,
monosodium glutamate, white sugar, soup stuff, coffee, oatmeal etc.

1.DXD-K80C Granule Three Side Sealing Packing Machine

Product Information:


1) The  machine  has  adopted  a  PLC  programmable  controller  and matched with English and
Chinese display screen. Thus, it's easy to operate, convenient in  adjustment and super automatic.
2) Advanced  photoelectric  tracking  system  is  adopted,  pouch  length can be set directly at the
tender side of machine. When using packing film with cursor mark, the first pouch can seize cursor
mark,  get  correct  design  picture. In-phase bag pulling system make pouch smoothly and correct.
3) Light  touch  the buttons below display screen according to the screen's indicate, number input
and display, airproof, insulated, high corrupt proof, easy to operate.

Main technical parameters:
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