This   machine   adapts   to   pack   commodity, small  hardware, medicine  and like paper plastic
packaging  to improve  the  brand of  products. Packaging products: such  as  battery,  tooth  brush,
injection,  pen   and  so  on  this  equipment  is  a  new generation  packaging   equipment, which
scientific   research   employees  in  my  factory  have  successfully  researched  by   continuously
improving  and c reating. This  machine  adopts  main machine  interface, fraquency  conversion
adjusting   speed ,  adjustable  makeup. It  adopts  to  pack  different   page   with  the  features  of
convenient   operation, endurable usage. The  outside  appearance  of  the whole  machine  uses
stainless steel, so it is clean and sanitary.It is the most perfect packaging equipment at present, for
it  is  equipped  with  safe urgent stop device to make sure the lash-up measures during production
and add the safety factor of operation .

DZP-420D Paper Plastic packaging Machine                                                       Video
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