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Product Information
Magic  Water  Stick can  change  the ordinary water into Alkaline Ion water. The water makes
essential  minerals  to  be  beneficial  to  one’s  health.  Water stick has functions to sterilize
efficiently  and  to  generate hydroxyl ions. Also it can get rid germs, bacteria and keep water
fresh and clean. It is proven under rigid quality control and tests by an authorized laboratory.

Characteristics of Product
•        Alkaline water
•        Protect against oxidative damage
•        Sterilize efficiently and Remove Bacteria and germs
•        Water Purifying Effect
•        Emit powerful far-infrared ray
•        Make Mineral rich and generate hydroxyl ions
•        Good for your body. More comfortable with greater vitality

Principal of Magic Water Stick

Stick- A (CBM-1ball  is  registered patent to generate mineral ingredients and make alkaline
water as new material.)

Stick- B (CBM-3 ball  can  emit  good energy such as antibacterial and purifying effect due to
the  effective  Sterilization  and Far-infrared. The powerful far-infrared rays from CBM-3 break
water molecule’s  hydrogen-combination  into small clusters and activate the water. Thanks
to  smaller  water  molecules,  it  helps  to   penetrate cells and increase the cell penetration
capability  with  high  thermal  conductivity.  It  means that absorption of water is quicker and
promotes  better  flavor  of  water.  It  also  radiates negative Ion to improve water quality and
activate water. The  CBM-3 eliminates  mold, pathogenic organisms and activates the water
to increase its cleaning strength.

How do you keep your body healthy?
Good   eating   habits  and  regular  exercise  are  the  foundation  for  the healthy life. To live
a healthy  life,  we  must  eat  the  good  water  frequently. Alkaline –Mineral water helps your
body  in  many  ways. Magic  Water  Stick converts neutral water to alkaline water, and make
mineral-rich water.  We should drink 1,600ml of water each day. But don’t drink it all at once.
It’s better to drink some in the morning and some in the afternoon. Magic Water Stick is very
easy to carry. You can enjoy healthy life with Magic Water Stick anywhere, anytime!