HLZRJD Model  Vacuum  Emulsification  Blender  is new model vacuum emulsification embodies
homogenizing, emulsifying, mixing,  distracting, extracting, heating, cooling etc requirement and
mainly used in cosmetic, used in homogenizing,  emulsification  and  agitating materials, such as
paste and cream within 50, 000 viscosities in vacuum condition to achieve high quality product.

HLZRJ Series Vacuum Emulsification Blender                                                   Video

Product Information:

1) All the contact parts adopt high quality nontoxic harmless stainless steel to unsure equipments
meet GMP requirement.
2)Certification of Qualified design and Production Company for testing of pressure vessel can  be
issued if the pressure vessel should be tested. The pressure vessel is produced strictly  according
to nation’s relevant regulation on pressure vessel design and production.
3)1) Difference between Touch Screen and Button Operation:
Touch screen control mode:Different modes can be set for multiple produce producing. Records
of the very day can be kept Coordinate curve on temperature change will be displayed (It is for
observe, analysis, and record producing process Temperature curve and working record can be
typed successively. It has function of automatic alarming and analysis reason. It can achieve fully
automatic operation Needs software and hardware support and decides by technical ability.
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