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Trading Consultant For Mining
We're close  to  the miners of coal, nickel ore,
manganese,  etc.  to  help  foreign   buyers to
deal  with  them  and  try  best  to protect their
business all parties involved  so  that there is
no reason for failure in the supply of products
after   they   signed  a   cooperation     contract
document purchase mining products.

We   will   try   to   get    a   competent    mining
companies   and  professionals   to   become
business   partners  in  the areas of supply to
the  buyers  from  abroad are really serious to
purchase  mining  products  from  Indonesia,
we  hope  to get a direct buyer or intermediary
business  and   management   professionals
responsibility in any transaction with us.
Our  first  step  is to have a business network
with     the    large    mines   that   have    been
professional  and  experienced in the sale for
export   of   products  and  have  done a check
and  re-check  the  validity  of  all   documents
held  by the  mines in order to avoid mistakes
in the implementation of sales and purchase
transactions   between  buyers and sellers in
the future which usually occur  due to the lack
of communication  that  has  been bridged by
the intermediaries  that are less professional
or  acts    of    irresponsible    mining    in   the
completeness    of     the    validity    of      their
Failure    to     supply    also     usually   occurs
because  the  miners had made a mistake in
offering  to  sell  to  buyers  that   they   had  to
follow   in  order  to  find a buyer but the actual
quality   of   their  products  can  not follow the
buyer requests that have been determined by
them,  so  many  of them suffered losses due
to  payment  of  the  LC  can not be withdrawn
and   this   is   very detrimental to both parties
and   also   other    parties    who   have  been
involved in this work.
We  as  a  company  that  is a bridge between
all  parties  who  will  be  involved  in the work
including   the  shipping,     which   transports
mining  products  to  be  transported from the
stockpile   transported   by   truck   to    barges
which  will  then enter into his mother's in the
vessel  and  will follow and monitor the export
of   schedule  mining   for  export   as   current
implementation     schedule     to     avoid   the
mistakes  that have been agreed upon by the
mother  vessel  which  will  be  detrimental  to
the charterers.
In  the  execution  of  this  transaction  we  are  acting as representatives of the mining and the
buyer  will  attempt  to  bring  together  their respective wishes very carefully in order to reach a
mutual  agreement  as  well  as  possible  so  that  all parties do not feel disadvantaged in the
future on this transaction, and we hope can benefit all parties involved.

Our  goal  for  the  trust  given  by  all  parties in the implementation of good work in all it was a
small  or a  big  job and we will try to never be underestimated the work that has been given to
us to  always  try  to finish well,  we really appreciate  all the work we do with great prudence in
doing a job that you have provided it to us.

Our  customers  like  our  king  should  be given the best possible service so we are confident
that  you  are  comfortable  doing  business  with us for a long time, honesty in the work is very
important  for  us  to  gain your trust, believe that we are worthy to be trusted and confident you
will get service from us with the best.

Our  experience has provided the best service to customers and they have been satisfied with
our  work  by  giving  recommendations  to  their friends and tell the greatness of our services.
Our  company  grew  because  of  the  good  recommendations from our customers who have
used  our  services without any experience of disappointment due to our service. We sincerely
hope you will be pleased with our service experience.