This  machine  is  designed  and  further improved on the base of original full auto. Capsule filling
mac-hine from home  and aboard,  with high technology and exclusive performance,  its  function
can  reach  international  leading  level,  it  is  an  ideal  equipment  for capsule and medicine in
pharmaceutical ind-ustry.

1.NJP Series Closed Full Auto.Capsule Filling Machine                                        

Product Information:


1) Good-looking appearance, exquisite workmanship, ease of operation, simplicity of use.
2) Stowage  seat  and  measuring  plate  are  designed  as  one  unit to make measuring plate and
stowage  rod  without  deviation  phenomenon,  avoid  friction phenomenon between stowage rod
and measuring plate, improve its precision highly, furthermore, it delays the machine's life greatly.
3) Ineligible capsule can be eliminated automatically (qualified rate not included),  the medicine
in the capsule can be recycled and be reused, thus it can increase  greatly heconomic efficiency.
4) Simplicity and convenience of dismantling ,  installation  and clean,  various  models of mould
can be replaced each other, the mould of 800 model and 1000model as well as 1200 model can
be replaced mutually on the same machine to meet different requirement of capacity.
5) Dust   collector  and  vacuum  pipe  as well  as  waste  air  pipe  are installed in the inner of the
machine ,  avoid  the  air  pipe  becoming  hard,  broken and leakage etc phenomenon, it is more
convenient to  clean  the  platform.  Furthermore,  it  accords GMP the requirement that medicine
can not contact with organic material.
6) The  cap  of stowage  rod  is  made  of  stainless  steel  to  replace  original  plastic  cap to void
breaking phenomenon;  in  the other hand, the screws and caps on the platform lesser to make the
whole appearance more good-looking.

Main technical parameters:  
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