RSJ-800  type  thermal   contraction  packaging  machine  is  mainly  applied  to  all  varieties  of
packaging formation of such industries as pharmacy, food, soft drink, daily chemistry etc.

Especially  it  can  replace  the  middle  packaging  box of pharmacy industry, with the prominent
effect  of   saving   the  product   cost.  And  it  can  combine  bottle  packaging   production  line,
box packaged   machine   to   form   the   linked   production   line,   and  also it can combine the
production line of other industry to manufacture.
1.RSJ-800 Type Thermal Contraction Packing Medicine

Product Information:


1) Adopt  PLC   programmed   automatic   circular   movement  control, which has the function of
feeding, stowing, film-wrapping, sealing and cutting, thermal contraction and cooling.
2) All the important parts are adopted with high standard kits, and the pneumatic components PLC
and   terminal  frequency   converter   etc. electric appliances are all adopted with internationally
famous brand.
3) The production aped can be regulated to reach the best packaging effect. After the packaging,
the appearance of product is transparent and beautiful.
3) The   height  can  be  regulated in convenience of the anterior and posterior working procedure.
4) Contrasting   with  the  same  kind  of  product,  it  can  save  5-10% film material and 50% heat
energy.  Adopt PE (Low density polythene resin)  non-toxic  contraction packaging film, with good
anti-welding performance.
5)Multi-spot buttons, equipped LCD display is convenient to operate.
6)Have the function of safety protection.
7)Contrasting with the cost adopting original carton packaging, it can save 30-50%.
8)The  opening  of  the  packaged things is more convenient. Fully automatic package production
equipment integration the mechanism and electrics into one.

Main technical parameters:
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