We expertise to supply any kind of general machineries pharmaceutical, food, beverage and
general machineries.
Our services such:

- Searching the manufacturers under of ISO system and CE (Certificate of Europe)
- Dealing and calculate price to make your bugged.
- Quality control of the machineries and training.
- Guarantee your money will be safety.
- Arrangement of export & import custom regulation.
- Delivery services
- Installing
- Free training operators
- After sales services

As was  our  experienced  that above systems have been successful to serving many buyers, we have been
very good dealings to many industries in machineries industries almost to round the world, especially from
China manufacturers of pharmaceutical, food and beverage packaging machineries.

To  aim  successful  to  handle  many  project we must to make sure all information from buyers request of
quote machineries in details first before to get any mistake offer in best prices of your plan bugged cost.

Any interest please feel free to contact us at:
Semi Automatic Capsule Filler  Model:  DTJ - C
Made In China (ISO management & CE quality)
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