It  is  suitable  for  automatic  double  aluminum  foil  packing  for  tablets  and pills in medical medicine,
chemical  industry, foods, etc industry, Achieving  the requirement of sealed anti-shine,and also it can be
used in double plastic packing. It  adopts vibrating feeding materials,eliminating pieces,counting.vertical
and horizontal slitting,cutting waste material,automatic finishing bathch NO.printed etc.Full purpose,ease
of operation, accurate  feeding, tight  sealing, stable  performance, it  can  not  only  improve the product
grade, but  also  guarantee  the  quality, it  is  an  ideal  equipment  for  pharmaceutical industry.It passed
appraisal of science and Technology achievement in Zhejiang provice,qualififed with GMP standard.

SLB-150 Model Auto. Double Aluminun Packing Machine                                            

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