It is a latest high-precision medicine packing machine in current pharmacy industry. It is widely used
for capsule,tablet,honey pills in pharmaceutical industry,for milk tablet,candy,chocolate in food
industry,for injector,syringes,pins,small component electron or hardware industry as all kind of
shapes of ALU-ALU,ALU-plastic,paper-plastic combined sealing packing.

1. DPB-250E Flat-plate Automatic Blister Packing Machine                                         Video

2. DPB-250F Flat-plate Automatic Blister Packing Machine

3. DPB-250G Flat-plate Automatic Blister Packing Machine

Product Information:

1)machine-tool track type of casting machine-base,taken these processing like backfire,maturing,high
benchmark and without distortion.
2)Each box of section processed through professioral,equiipmert,to assure high precision and good
3)Forming,sealing,slitting are all could be adjust freely on the track with triangle string and flat
string,strong applicability.small oversize,save installation space.
4)Reducer adapts parallel-axes bevel wheel,to avoid loose and wmooth between chain or strap when it
is driving.
5)Stroke can be adjust freely,widely used,ease of operation,stable running.
6)Mould located by male pin,ease and accuracy of changing mould. Product any sizes and shapes of
strip by changing the mould on the same machine, and it also can pack for liquid if liquid filling
device equipped.It is multi-purpose machine.
7)It adapts up and down net pattern concavo-convex to conjugate,multi-step air cylinder,double-heat
sealing.Quality sealing.

Main technical parameters:
Cutting Frequency(times/min):            6-35(I) 20-60(II)
Capacity strip/h:                                 8400(I) 12000(II)
Max shaping areas and depth(mm):    240X160X26
Stroke(mm):                                        20-120(can be manufactured as user's requirements)
Standard Sheet(mm):                          80X57(can be manufactured as user's requirements)
Air Pressure(kw):                               0.4-0.6
Total power :                                     380V/220V 50Hz 6kw
Pressure(kw):                                    1.5
PVC hard pieces(mm):                       0.15-0.5X250
PTP Aluminum Foil(mm):                    0.02-0.035X250
Dialysis Paper(mm):                           50-100gX250
Mould Cooling:                                 Tap water or Back water
Overall Dimensions (mm):                   2710X720X1600
weight (kg):                                       1600
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