It  is  specially used inpharmaceutical enterprise for carrying solid material,lifting,feeding.andalso
widely used in chemical industry,light industry,foodstuff etc industries.

1.YTJ Series Mobile Lifting Feeder(Expansion)                                                 

Product Information:

¡¡It is composed of frame,lift system, material barrel roll-over mechanism.And also equipped with
special material barrel and feeding discharging withbutterfly valve,sur-face of lift as well as lift
roll-over parts,The feeder and others are all made of stainless steel.Make feeder discharging
hooked with barrel filled with material,through lift to make marerial barrel up to the needed
height,then make material barrel turned with 180 degree,the bottom of barrel up and feeder
down,open the butterfly valve.

1.Novel structure and simplicity,ease of operation,ease to clean,qualified with pharmaceutical
industry GMP.
2.Light and heavy bearing,stable performance.
3.Big wheel,low resistance,ease of moving.
4.Multi-purpose,saving time and power,reduce the pollution for environment.
5.Convenience of maintenance,low cost of maintenance.

Main technical parameters:
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