This  machine  is  suitable  for  packing  blisters ,  tubes ,  ampoules and other related objects into
boxes.  It  can  be  run  continuously  and  the  highest  speed  can  up  to 200  boxes/min .  It  has
advantages of high packing efficiency and good quality ,  and  is  hi-tech product with structure of
mechanical-electrical integration .This machine can fold leaflet , open box , inser blister into box
emnboss  batch  number and  then  close or  seal  automatically . It adopts  frequency  inverter  to
adjust  speed ,  human  machine  interface  to  operate ,  PLC  to   control ,   and photoelectric to
supervise   and  control  each  station. So  that  once  something  unexpected   happens during its
running , it will stop and display the reasons automatically , which can solve  the  troubles in time.
This  machine  can  be  used  separately,  and   also   can   be   linked   to   other  machine  to be
a  production  line.  Note:  this  machine  can also equip hot melt glue device to do hot melt glue
sealing for box.

1. ZHJ-80D Automatic Cartoning Machine         

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